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Ongoing projects

Description Field
Alya performance benchmark Alya performance benchmark Computational fluid dynamics
Bolin Centre software management through local modules - trial evaluation. Set up and evaluate a local module system on Triolith for Bolin Centre software installations. Climate research
Comparative study of major ab initio software for materials science Comparing major ab initio software for materials science Computational materials science
Essense Code Optimisation Essense Code Analysis and Optimisation Computational science
Computational fluid dynamics
Improved FFT and I/O for the Pencil code Enabling support as part of the Prace DECI 8 program Computational astrophysics
Nek5000 BC Boundary conditions for Nek5000 Computational fluid dynamics
Nek5000 OpenACC Nek5000 with OpenACC Computational fluid dynamics
Nordic collaboration on e-infrastructures for Earth System Modeling NeIC climate and environment collaborative project. Climate research
Parallel FFTs in Molsim Performance improvement of the SPME in Molsim Computational chemistry
Parallel Programming Education Training in parallel programming Computational science
HPC training
Parallelization of a materials science code Parallelization request for a materials science code Computational science
Computational materials science
Patchwork Patchwork: Bioinformatic tool for allele-specific copynumber analysis of tumor samples Bioinformatics
SNIC Emerging Technologies Coordinating new and emerging technologies within SNIC. Emerging technologies
SNIC Science Cloud SNIC Science Cloud is a cloud computing infrastructure run by SNIC. Cloud computing
SNIC coordinated training SNIC coordinated training HPC training
Snicdocs A knowledgebase of user oriented information in Swedish academic high performance computing.
Test suite for VASP Test suite for VASP Computational materials science

Completed projects

Description Start End Field
BILS websearch BILS Web Search Software development
Computer-Aided Drug Design Ab-initio Electronic Structure Computation through LSDALTON Code Computational science
Computational chemistry
Configuration of CAM5.3 nudged to ERA-Interim reanalysis and related post-processing software Climate research
Dalton CPP-LR parallelization Parallelization of the coupled cluster complex polarization propagator module in the Dalton program Computational science
Computational chemistry
Develop multi-category LIM3 sea-ice capabilities in EC-Earth 3 Feature request to support multi-category sea-ice in the IFS component of EC-Earth 3.
EC-Earth compilation and performance analysis: Beskow Port EC-Earth to Beskow and complete performance/scaling tests. Climate research
EC-Earth/COSP code analysis Complete performance profiling of the EC-Earth model including the COSP satellite simulator. Climate research
Enabling Xnavis for Massively Parallel Simulations of Wind Farms Parallel I/O Implementation and Communication Optimization on Xnavis Wind Farm Simulation Code Computational science
Computational fluid dynamics
Fido Easy access to safe and reliable hosting and computation for Swedish bioinformatics. Bioinformatics
HYPE Code Parallelisation Performance Analysis and Parallelisation of SMHI's HYPE Code Computational science
Climate research
Implementation of parallel NetCDF output and COSP in OpenIFS Assist researchers from Göteborg in including parallel NetCDF IO support and the COSP module in the OpenIFS model Climate research
Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels Improving the MPI collective performance by network aware communication Computational science
Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 2 European network of distributed e-infrastructure to support Earth system modelling. Climate research
Integration of OpenIFS into EC-Earth3 Replace the atmospheric component of EC-Earth (IFS) with the OpenIFS model (c38r1).
LES Code Parallelization Parallelization of a Large Eddy Simulation Code Computational fluid dynamics
MDR model library update Updating the automated classification system for MDR proteins based on new data. Bioinformatics
MIMICA code analysis Complete performance profiling of the MISU MIT Cloud and Aerosol (MIMICA) LES model. Climate research
NSC GPU and Accelerator Pilot GPU/Accelerator Pilot Project at NSC Computational science
NorESM code analysis Complete performance profiling of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) on Triolith. Climate research
Optimization of a lagrangian cloud parcel model for use in the global climate model ECHAM6.1-HAM2.2 Serial optimization of a cloud parcel model for embedding in a the ECHAM-HAM global climate model. Climate research
PRACE WP12: Network topology analysis and efficient collective design Network topology analysis and efficient collective design and Computational science
Parallel I/O Implementation on the Multiple Sequence Alignment Software ClustalW-MPI Parallel I/O Implementation on the Multiple Sequence Alignment Software ClustalW-MPI Computational science
PconsC for Fido Web hosting for PconsC Bioinformatics
Performance Analysis of ad OSS Program Performance Analysis of ad_OSS Program for Modeling Water Molecules Computational science
Computational chemistry
Performance Benchmark of NEMO Oceanography Code Application Benchmark of NEMO Oceanography Code on CURIE Tier-0 System Computational science
Climate research
Petascaling enabling and support for EC-EARTH3 Petascaling of high resolution EC-EARTH on PRACE Tier-0 Curie System Computational science
Portability performance analysis and improvement of ESM Porting and performance analysis of earth system models (ESM) on different architectures Computational science
Porting Earth system models to triolith Port three commonly used Earth system models to triolith.
Synthetic Benchmark on Curie Synthetic Benchmark for PRACE Tier-0 Curie System Computational science
Technical development of the EC-Earth3 Single Column Model (SCM) Configure a coupled, single column model version of EC-Earth3 (OpenIFS, oasis3-mct, nemo3.6)

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