EC-Earth compilation and performance analysis: Beskow

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Name EC-Earth compilation and performance analysis: Beskow
Description Port EC-Earth to Beskow and complete performance/scaling tests.
Project financing   SNIC
Is active No
Start date 2014-11-16
End date 2014-12-31

The project aims allow early access to the EC-Earth model on Beskow for climate researchers by:

  • Creating an EC-Earth machine specific configuration for Beskow with appropriate compiler settings.
  • Completing a scaling and performance analysis of EC-Earth on Beskow.
  • Proposing a set of recommendations (e.g. number of ranks per sub-model) for EC-Earth production runs on Beskow.


The porting work with CRAY compiler is completed. EC-EARTH portal is updated with the changes.


Chandan Basu (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational science