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Welcome to the general SNIC knowledge base and documentations site.

The aim of this site is that you should be able to get information, help, tips-and-tricks, etc. regarding the most widely used computational tools and scientific applications. The site also aims to provide general documentation related to the SNIC HPC-centres and various SNIC initiatives.

Research areas
Articles on this site are generally marked as relevant for one or more research areas. On this page you see a list of the research areas for which at least one relevant article exists.
On the page for a specific research area, you find a list of the software articles that have been marked as relevant for that research area. Here you also find a list of the application experts that are associated with the given research area.
Overview of all the software articles.
Documentation regarding the Swedish storage initiative.
Overview of ongoing and past projects.
Overview of all the support e-mail addresses available for requesting support along with a description of what type of requests that the address is meant to handle.
Presentations of all the authors that contribute to the site.
Application experts are SNIC personnel that to some extent are available for advanced application support through this site and the application-support address.
Systems experts are SNIC personnel that maintain and develop the various resources and provide help and support for using the resources, both through this site and the various HPC-centre web sites and support addresses.