Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels

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Name Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels
Description Improving the MPI collective performance by network aware communication
Project financing   PRACE
Is active No
Start date 2010-07-01
End date 2012-06-30

The goal of this project is to improve the performance of some euroben kernels. This project is part of PRACE-1ip, WP7.5. The euroben kernel is a set of synthetic benchmark codes which is developed by PRACE. This kernel is used for benchmarking PRACE systems. Some of these benchmarks, e.g., mod2f uses MPI_Alltoall based collective for doing fast Fourier transform. Generally the MPI_Alltoall scaling on many nodes is not good. The performance of alltoall operation can be improved by introducing network awareness in alltoall operation. This can be done by writing a modified alltoall and then calling that from the application code. We tested our modified alltoall on mod2f benchmark with good results


  • Started code modification. The basic algorithm will remain same. Will map the communication such that there is more communication within node than outside. [30/03/2011]
  • Some initial results are obtained and some improvements are achieved [25/05/2011]
  • The tests are run on Curie. The standard MPI_Alltoallv calls are repalced by topology aware MPI_Alltoallv_tuned calls. [16/01/2012]
  • Contributed to deliverable D7.5: report [28/02/2012]
  • Writing final report


Chandan Basu (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational science