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This page lists all the active SNIC application experts registered on this site. You can click the username for any person to see more information.

Field AE FTE General activities
Adam Peplinski.png Adam Peplinski (PDC) PDC Computational fluid dynamics 100100 NEK5000 support
Small face.png Anders Sjöström (LUNARC) LUNARC Technical Acoustics
GPU computing
5050 Helps users with Matlab usage on clusters, Maintainer of the GPU resource Erik at LUNARC
Chandan.jpg Chandan Basu (NSC) NSC Computational science 100100 Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
David Silverstein.png David Silverstein (PDC) PDC Neuroinformatics 5050
Person.png Diana Iusan (UPPMAX) UPPMAX 5050
Person.png Erik Fransson (C3SE) C3SE Computational materials science 100100 Various modification and analysis tool development
Hamish.jpg Hamish Struthers (NSC) NSC Climate research 100100 Users support focused on weather and climate codes.
Henric Zazzi picture.jpg Henric Zazzi (PDC) PDC Bioinformatics 100100 Bioinformatics Application support
MyPhoto 110x160 forSNIC AE.png Håkan Nilsson (C3SE) C3SE Computational fluid dynamics 3030 Organize a PhD course in CFD with OpenSource Software OpenFOAM. Organize OpenFOAM user group meetings. OpenFOAM installations.
Jing Gong.png Jing Gong (PDC) PDC Computational fluid dynamics 100100 Application expert
Jhein 2014.jpg Joachim Hein (LUNARC) LUNARC 8585
Joel hat.png Joel Hedlund (NSC) NSC Bioinformatics 00
JohanR.png Johan Raber (NSC) NSC Computational chemistry 5050
JonasLindemann.png Jonas Lindemann (LUNARC) LUNARC Grid computing
Desktop Environments
2020 Coordinating SNIC Emerging Technologies
Leading the development of ARC Storage UI
Grid user documentation
Developer of ARC Job Submission Tool
Lunarc Box
Lunarc HPC Desktop
Lilit.jpg Lilit Axner (PDC) PDC Computational fluid dynamics 5050
Person.png Luis Fazendeiro (C3SE) C3SE Parallel programming 2525 Plasma physics code development, PRACE application support
Marcus.jpg Marcus Holm (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Performance tuning
Parallel programming
Computational science
100100 I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation.
Dahlo.jpg Martin Dahlö (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics 1010 Bioinformatic support
Person.png Michael Schliephake (PDC) PDC Parallel programming
Performance optimisation
GPU computing
Computational science
Mikael Djurfeldt.jpg Mikael Djurfeldt (PDC) PDC Neuroinformatics 100100
Person.png Mikael Rännar (HPC2N) HPC2N Computational science 5050 PRACE activities
Pavlin.jpg Pavlin Mitev (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Computational materials science 4545
Rossen.jpg Rossen Apostolov (PDC) PDC Molecular dynamics 100100
Person.png Thomas Svedberg (C3SE) C3SE Solid Mechanics
Thor wikfeldt tiny.jpg Thor Wikfeldt (PDC) PDC 100100
Torben small.jpg Torben Rasmussen (NSC) NSC Computational chemistry 100100 Application expert coordinator (25% FTE).
Installation and support of computational chemistry software.
Snicdocs editing and development.
Person.png Wei Zhang (NSC) NSC High performance computing code optimization, parallelization.
Weine olovsson.jpg Weine Olovsson (NSC) NSC Computational materials science 9090 Application support, installation and help
Person.png Åke Sandgren (HPC2N) HPC2N Computational science 5050 SGUSI

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