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This page provides an overview on high performance computed related training available to users and personnel of the SNIC.


Training events offered or supported by SNIC

Start date End date Event type Location Description
Awk workshop (Karolinska, January 2020) 2458879.531 January 2020 2458879.531 January 2020 Course Karolinska Institute Introduction to awk and sed
Introduction to PDC (Feb 2020) 2458884.55 February 2020 2458884.55 February 2020 Course Stockholm Introduction to PDC

An overview on training events offered in the past is available from the past training events page.

Online training material

Online material available on this platform

Data Management Seminar Online Data management seminar recording
Online training materials Overview page on online training materials freely available
SNIC Science Cloud Workshop Material Material for technical training and workshops hosted by SNIC Science Cloud.

Online material from the world wide web

There is a dedicated page providing an overview on selected training materials around the world wide web.

Training offered by other providers

Community specific training


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