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Climate research is application of computer science methods to study the Earth's climate.



Field AE FTE General activities
Hamish Struthers (NSC) NSC Climate research 100100 Users support focused on weather and climate codes.


Software License Description
CDO Free data analysis
CESM1 Free global climate model
EC-Earth Free global climate model
NCAR diagnostic packages Free climate model diagnostics
NCL Free analysis and visualization
NCO Free data analysis
NorESM Free global climate model

PRACE Projects

Petascaling enabling and support for EC-EARTH3, (not active)
Performance Benchmark of NEMO Oceanography Code, (not active)

SNIC Projects

Porting Earth system models to triolith, (not active)
Develop multi-category LIM3 sea-ice capabilities in EC-Earth 3, (not active)
NorESM code analysis, (not active)
EC-Earth compilation and performance analysis: Beskow, (not active)
Optimization of a lagrangian cloud parcel model for use in the global climate model ECHAM6.1-HAM2.2, (not active)
Integration of OpenIFS into EC-Earth3, (not active)
Technical development of the EC-Earth3 Single Column Model (SCM), (not active)
Implementation of parallel NetCDF output and COSP in OpenIFS, (not active)
Configuration of CAM5.3 nudged to ERA-Interim reanalysis and related post-processing software, (not active)
MIMICA code analysis, (not active)
EC-Earth/COSP code analysis, (not active)
Bolin Centre software management through local modules - trial evaluation., (active)

Other Projects

HYPE Code Parallelisation, (not active)
Portability performance analysis and improvement of ESM, (not active)
Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 2, (not active)
Nordic collaboration on e-infrastructures for Earth System Modeling, (active)

How to's: NCS's Triolith system

Triolith user guide.
Applying for SNIC allocations on triolith: apply for resources.
Job submission and monitoring, SLURM commands: quick start user guide
Building CESM models on the NSC triolith system
Building NorESM (CMIP5) on the NSC triolith system
Building EC-Earth3 on the NSC triolith system
EC-Earth and CESM model timings
Building interpinic tool for interpolation of land initial conditions for the CESM1.1 model
Building and running the COAMPS model on triolith
Building mom5.0.2 (modular ocean model) on triolith
NCAR diagnostics packages on the NSC Triolith system
CESM & NorESM users on Triolith: changing to the new centre storage (/proj/) system
NorESM fix for change to buildenv system (2015-02-16)
Building HAMMOZ on the NSC triolith system
Building the PORT (Parallel Offline Radiative Transfer) configuration of CESM on Triolith
Building and testing WRF on Triolith

How to's: PDC's Beskow system

Building EC-Earth3 on the PDC Beskow system
IFS scaling on Beskow - EC-Earth version 3.1
Building CESM models on the PDC Beskow system
EC-Earth 3.2beta scaling and performance analysis report
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