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This is a minimum-style description of what activities a person typically engages in in their designated role as described on this wiki (eg. application expert or systems expert). This should not be regarded as a daily blog of what the person is up to, but should rather list more general things, or larger projects.

This should be kept as short as possible; just a few words, not even a full sentence, but with leading capital letter and ending full stop character. It can also be set multiple times to specify multiple different activities, and if so, they should be listed in decreasing order of importance.

In some cases, the phrase "Application expert in FIELD" is sufficiently descriptive in itself, and if so this property should be left blank.

This property is of type: string.

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Adam Peplinski (PDC) +NEK5000 support  +
Anders Sjöström (LUNARC) +Helps users with Matlab usage on clusters, Maintainer of the GPU resource Erik at LUNARC  +


Biplab Sanyal (UPPMAX) +National support for softwares used in materials science.  +, Involved in PRACE 2IP-WP7.  +


Chandan Basu (NSC) +Working on climate and weather codes  +, EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.  +


Daniel Spångberg (UPPMAX) +Helps user with choice, installation, use, and writing of molecular simulation packages.  +


Elias Rudberg (UPPMAX) +I give advice to users regarding programming, compiling, debugging, optimizing, and parallelizing their code.  +
Erik Fransson (C3SE) +Various modification and analysis tool development  +


Hamish Struthers (NSC) +Users support focused on weather and climate codes.  +
Henric Zazzi (PDC) +Bioinformatics Application support  +
Håkan Nilsson (C3SE) +Organize a PhD course in CFD with OpenSource Software OpenFOAM. Organize OpenFOAM user group meetings. OpenFOAM installations.  +


Jing Gong (PDC) +Application expert  +
Jonas Lindemann (LUNARC) +Coordinating SNIC Emerging Technologies  +, Leading the development of ARC Storage UI  +, Grid user documentation  +,


Luis Fazendeiro (C3SE) +Plasma physics code development, PRACE application support  +


Marcus Holm (UPPMAX) +I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation.  +
Martin Dahlö (UPPMAX) +Bioinformatic support  +
Mattias Ellert (UPPMAX) +Member of SGUSI.  +, Development of ARC middleware.  +
Mattias Slabanja (C3SE) +Various modification and analysis tool development  +, Getting started support  +
Mikael Rännar (HPC2N) +PRACE activities  +


Oscar.granas +Algorithms for computational material science  +, Rewriting high performance codes for new architectures.  +, Implementation of new physical models.  +


Pall Isolfur Olason (UPPMAX) +High throughput sequencing analysis.  +
Peter Larsson (NSC) +Application support  +, Testing & Quality Assurance  +, Benchmarking  +


Radovan Bast (PDC) +Computational chemistry  +


Samuel Lampa (UPPMAX) +Graphical HPC clients and other development projects  +
Sebastian DiLorenzo (UPPMAX) +National bioinformatic support, NGS tumor data  +
Soon-Heum Ko (NSC) +PRACE European Project, SMHI HYPRE Parallelisation, SNIC Parallelisation Support  +
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