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Computational science entails using computers to analyze and solve scientific problems.


Field AE FTE General activities
Chandan Basu (NSC) NSC Computational science 100100 Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Marcus Lundberg (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Performance tuning
Parallel programming
Computational science
100100 I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation.
Peter Kjellström (NSC) NSC Computational science 100100 All types of HPC Support.
Peter Münger (NSC) NSC Computational science 6060 Installation and support of MATLAB, Comsol, and Julia.
Wei Zhang (NSC) NSC Computational science
Parallel programming
Performance optimisation
code optimization, parallelization.
Åke Sandgren (HPC2N) HPC2N Computational science 5050 SGUSI


Software License Description
ARC client Free tool for accessing the Grid resources
FFTW Free Freely available high performance library to perform fast Fourier transformations
Scalasca Free Performance profiler for parallel applications
TAU Free profiling and tracing tool-kit for performance analysis of parallel programs

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