Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels

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Name Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels
Description Improving the MPI collective performance by network aware communication
Project financing   PRACE
Is active No
Start date 2010-07-01
End date 2012-06-30

The goal of this project is to improve the performance of some euroben kernels. This project is part of PRACE-1ip, WP7.5. The euroben kernel is a set of synthetic benchmark codes which is developed by PRACE. This kernel is used for benchmarking PRACE systems. Some of these benchmarks, e.g., mod2f uses MPI_Alltoall based collective for doing fast Fourier transform. Generally the MPI_Alltoall scaling on many nodes is not good. The performance of alltoall operation can be improved by introducing network awareness in alltoall operation. This can be done by writing a modified alltoall and then calling that from the application code. We tested our modified alltoall on mod2f benchmark with good results



Centre Role Field
Chandan Basu (NSC) NSC Application expert Computational science
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