Dalton CPP-LR parallelization

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Name Dalton CPP-LR parallelization
Description Parallelization of the coupled cluster complex polarization propagator module in the Dalton program
Project financing   SNIC
Is active No
Start date 2012-12-13
End date

This project is the result of a request for application expert support. See here for the original request (PDF).

Requestors and collaborators:

Project is established in two phases.

Phase 1 (~10 work days):

  • Meet with requestors to discuss the proposal ✓
  • Profile and analyze the code to figure out the time consuming parts ✓
  • Suggest a parallelization strategy ✓

Report of work in phase 1 (PDF).

Phase 2:

  • Work on the parallelization with the requestors


Chandan Basu (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational science
Soon-Heum Ko (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational fluid dynamics
Torben Rasmussen (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational chemistry