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Centre Field AE FTE SNIC AE financing Other AE financing General activities
Anders Sjölander (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics 100100 Bioinformatics support and training, job efficiency monitoring, project management
General programming
GPU computing
Technical acoustics
5050 Helps users with MATLAB, General programming, Image processing, Usage of clusters
Biplab Sanyal (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Computational materials science 5050 Uppsala University National support for softwares used in materials science.
Involved in PRACE 2IP-WP7.
Birgitte Brydsö (HPC2N) HPC2N HPC
Parallel programming
Training, general support
Björn Claremar (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Meteorology, Geoscience 100100 Support for geosciences, Matlab
Björn Viklund (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics
100100 Bioinformatics, containers, software installs at UPPMAX
Chandan Basu (NSC) NSC Computational science 100100 2525 IS-ENES and PRACE Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Daniel Spångberg (UPPMAX) UPPMAX SNAC-WG 2525 Helps user with choice, installation, use, and writing of molecular simulation packages.
Diana Iusan (UPPMAX) UPPMAX 5050
Elias Rudberg (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Algorithm and code development 5050 Uppsala University I give advice to users regarding programming, compiling, debugging, optimizing, and parallelizing their code.
Erik Fransson (C3SE) C3SE Computational materials science 100100 Various modification and analysis tool development
Frank Bramkamp (NSC) NSC Computational fluid dynamics 100100 2020 Installation and support of computational fluid dynamics software.
Hamish Struthers (NSC) NSC Climate research 8080 Users support focused on weather and climate codes.
Henric Zazzi (PDC) PDC Bioinformatics 100100 Bioinformatics Application support
Håkan Nilsson (C3SE) C3SE Computational fluid dynamics 3030 3030 Organize a PhD course in CFD with OpenSource Software OpenFOAM. Organize OpenFOAM user group meetings. OpenFOAM installations.
Jerry Eriksson (HPC2N) HPC2N HPC
Parallel programming
PRACE HPC, Parallel programming
Joachim Hein (LUNARC) LUNARC 8585
Joel Hedlund (NSC) NSC Bioinformatics 00 00
Johan Raber (NSC) NSC Computational chemistry 5050 2525
Jonas Lindemann (LUNARC) LUNARC Grid computing
Desktop environments
2020 LU Coordinating SNIC Emerging Technologies
Leading the development of ARC Storage UI
Grid user documentation
Developer of ARC Job Submission Tool
Lunarc Box
Lunarc HPC Desktop
Jonathan Vincent (PDC) PDC 100100 100100
Lars Eklund (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Chemistry
Data management
100100 Chemistry codes, databases at UPPMAX
Lars Viklund (HPC2N) HPC2N HPC
General programming
HPC, General programming, installation of software, support, containers
Lilit Axner (PDC) PDC Computational fluid dynamics 5050
Luis Fazendeiro (C3SE) C3SE Parallel programming 2525 2020 Plasma physics code development, PRACE application support
Marcus Lundberg (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Performance tuning
Parallel programming
Computational science
100100 I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation.
Martin Dahlö (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics 1010 SciLifeLab Bioinformatic support
Mats Nylén (HPC2N) HPC2N Grid computing
Mattias Ellert (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Grid computing 2525 2525 Member of SGUSI.
Development of ARC middleware.
Mattias Slabanja (C3SE) C3SE Computational materials science 5050 5050 Various modification and analysis tool development
Getting started support
Michael Stenrup (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Computational chemistry 2525
Mikael Djurfeldt (PDC) PDC Neuroinformatics 100100 KTH
Mirko Myllykoski (HPC2N) HPC2N Parallel programming
GPU computing
PRACE Parallel programming, HPC, GPU programming, advanced support
Nina Fischer (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Computational biology 2525 2525
Olav Vahtras (PDC) PDC Computational chemistry 00
Oscar.granas Computational materials science 5050 Algorithms for computational material science
Rewriting high performance codes for new architectures.
Implementation of new physical models.
Pall Isolfur Olason (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics 5050 Uppsala University High throughput sequencing analysis.
Pavlin Mitev (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Computational materials science 4545 4545
Pedro Ojeda-May (HPC2N) HPC2N Quantum Chemistry
Molecular dynamics
Machine learning
PRACE Training, HPC, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular dynamics, R, advanced support
Peter Kjellström (NSC) NSC Computational science 100100 2020 All types of HPC Support.
Peter Larsson (NSC) NSC Computational materials science 2020 00 Application support
Testing & Quality Assurance
Peter Münger (NSC) NSC Computational science 6060 00 Installation and support of MATLAB, Comsol, and Julia.
Radovan Bast (PDC) PDC Computational chemistry 5050 100100 Computational chemistry
Rickard Armiento (NSC) NSC Computational materials science 4040 2020 Maintainer of the scientific software environment at NSC.
Samuel Lampa (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics 5050 BILS Graphical HPC clients and other development projects
Sebastian DiLorenzo (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Bioinformatics 5050 5050 National bioinformatic support, NGS tumor data
Soon-Heum Ko (NSC) NSC Computational fluid dynamics 100100 100100 PRACE European Project, SMHI HYPRE Parallelisation, SNIC Parallelisation Support
Thomas Svedberg (C3SE) C3SE Solid mechanics LU
Torben Rasmussen (NSC) NSC Computational chemistry 100100 3030 Installation and support of computational chemistry software.
Wei Zhang (NSC) NSC Computational science
Parallel programming
Performance optimisation
code optimization, parallelization.
… further results
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