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Empty strings are not accepted. Computational science entails using computers to analyze and solve scientific problems.


  FieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Chandan Basu (NSC)NSCComputational science100Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Marcus Lundberg (UPPMAX)UPPMAXComputational science
Parallel programming
Performance tuning
Sensitive data
100I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation. I also work with allocations and with sensitive data questions
Peter Kjellström (NSC)NSCComputational science100All types of HPC Support.
Peter Münger (NSC)NSCComputational science60Installation and support of MATLAB, Comsol, and Julia.
Wei Zhang (NSC)NSCComputational science
Parallel programming
Performance optimisation
code optimization, parallelization.
Åke Sandgren (HPC2N)HPC2NComputational science50SGUSI


FFTWFreeFreely available high performance library to perform fast Fourier transformations
ScalascaFreePerformance profiler for parallel applications
TAUFreeprofiling and tracing tool-kit for performance analysis of parallel programs


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