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Property type: string

This property should be a minimal explanation of things that may steal a person away from their pure SNIC expertry engagement at a regular basis, like part time employments, parental leave, special functions like AE/PRACE/etc coordination, or other distractions of that kind. Due to rendering reasons, this should be set multiple times on a page, one distraction each. Use complete sentences, with leading capital letter and ending full stop character. .

Note that it is currently not possible get clickable links in properties of Type:String, such as this one.


[[Other activities::50% research at IFM Bioinformatics.]]
[[Other activities::PRACE coordinator.]]
[[Other activities::WoW.]]
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National coordinator of the SNIC in-kind financed user support. Member of SNAC WG.  +
Development and applications of ab initio methods.  +
Benchmarking.  +, Collaborative work with SMHI and MISU  +
Researcher in the Materials Theory division at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University.  +
Works 50% with method development research in computational chemistry and numerical quantum dynamics at the Division of Scientific Computing, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University.  +
Parallelization of the Edge code for Saab.  +
Collaborative projects with SMHI and the Bolin Centre.  +, ESGF data node collaboration with SMHI  +
Administrator of the FOAM-extend project at SourceForge.  +, Collaborator with main developers  +, Committee member of the annual international OpenFOAM Workshop.  +,
Systems Expert at NSC (100% FTE)  +
Researcher in the Centre of Mathematical Sciences  +
80% NeIC Tryggve2 Scientific manager, 20% NeIC NICEST project manager  +
E-science coordinator at NSC.  +
Coordinator SNIC Emerging Technologies  +, Director at LUNARC  +
SND Domain Specialist (Sensitive Data)  +
DECI application enabling task leader in PRACE.  +, Project manager for ScalaLife.  +, SNIC coordinator for Swedish efforts in PRACE.  +
Coordinator for advanced user support, UPPMAX  +
Adapting software to make it run on UPPMAX  +, Bioinformatic support in all its forms  +, Sequence data analysis  +
Systems Expert at C3SE  +
Systems Expert at NSC (100% FTE)  +
NorduGrid Board Member.  +, Working in EU FP7 projects European Middleware Initiative (EMI) and Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE).  +