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Example Pages provide good starting points for creating new pages, especially within categories that require a certain appearance or a certain minimum amount of information, be it to follow the rule of least surprise, or make sure they appear correctly in dynamically generated tables, or to blend in with site design, and so on.

Creating new example pages

Example pages should contain instructions on how to create pages of a given type, as well as placeholder wiki code which should, with minimal editing, produce a good starting point for an informative document with solid integration with the wiki in general.

They should be named on the form "Help:$TERM example page". This puts them in the Help: namespace, which keeps them from getting found too easily by users (which is good because they are not very helpful for users). However, they should also be added to this category, so that they are easily found by editors.

Take care to enclose example wiki code in <pre> tags (or similar) so that example property/category assignments are not actually effected, which would likely get example pages erroneously added to dynamically generated tables and the like.

Note that the preferred term for this type of page is "Example page" rather than "Template", not to cause confusion with mediawiki {{templates}}, which is something entirely different.