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Minimal application expert user page. Copy and edit to suit your needs.

See Template:application expert info for info on how to fill in most of the details.

List one or more expertises using the [[expertise::Python]] notation. Expertises may be software, programming languages, protocols, algorithms, methods, laboratory techniques, or anything else entirely, and may or may not be related to your research area. See Property:Expertise for a list of what other people claim to do well. Does any of that apply to you? Slap it onto your page. If you create new expertise, you should probably create the page that it points to, and add at least a little bit of information to it. A red expertise does not look nice on your rap sheet.

Remember to create your talk page (Discussion), and add something inviting so that people will feel encouraged to talk to you, or just rip off someone else who said something nice. Remember that your talk page will likely be your primary form of contact for members of the general public who chance upon the wiki.

Note that we do not promote providing your direct email address here, and especially not using email type properties (e.g: [[]], do not use!), because no obfuscation is applied, and email addresses advertised in this manner are easily harvested by bots using the semantic mediawiki search interfaces.

See Property:General activities, Property:AE FTE and Property:AE financing if you are unsure what to put there.

{{application expert info
|first name=Your first name
|last name=Your last name
|centre=name of your SNIC centre
|fields=semicolon separated list of category names; your research area first; then any others; in decreasing order of relevance.
|fte=percent full time equivalent that you are employed for application expertise
|financing=who finances the application expertise part of your position (ideally: just a single word, or as few words as possible with percentages in decreasing order).
|general activities=Semicolon separated list of things you do as an application expert.; If you feel it is necessary.; Use minimal *but complete* sentences.
|other activities=Semicolon separated list of things you do outside of your work as an application expert.; Like other part time duties.; Use minimal *but complete* sentences.
|image=name of an uploaded image file
|office=Semicolon separated lines; of visiting address; newlines
are ignored; Provide this only if you want to.
|phone=Semicolon separated phone numbers (with optional 
explanation); newlines are ignored; only add this if you want users to phone you constantly.
|start date=2010-01-01 (or omit if not applicable).
|end date=2099-01-01 (or omit if not applicable).
|is active=yes

== Quick facts ==
* Or any other heading. 
* This part is clear text and very much up to you.
* Bullet lists are good 
* for the lazy

== Expertise ==
* [[expertise::Python]]
* [[expertise::mass spectrometry]]
* [[expertise::flux capacitor calibration]]

== Projects ==
* [[project::Snicdocs]]