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Name Glenn
Description throughput cluster resource
Resource type compute
Centre C3SE
Is active no
Start date
End date  

Available software

Software Field License Description
ANSYS Computational fluid dynamics Requires license large modeling suite
ASE Computational materials science Free framework for setting up and analyzing atomistic simulations
Abaqus Solid mechanics Requires license finite-element package
BioPerl Bioinformatics Free A community effort to produce Perl code which is useful in biology.
Comsol Computational materials science
Computational fluid dynamics
Site license Commercial Mulitphysics Similation software
Edge Computational fluid dynamics unstructured CFD solver
Efield Computational electromagnetics Requires license simulation environment for electromagnetic simulations
GPAW Computational materials science
Computational chemistry
Free real-space DFT
GROMACS Molecular dynamics
Computational chemistry
Free versatile package for molecular dynamics
Gaussian Computational chemistry Site license widely used quantum chemistry software
Jaguar Computational chemistry Requires license ab initio quantum mechanics
MSC Nastran Solid mechanics Requires license Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver
Matlab Visualisation
Programming language
Site license programming language with extensive plotting and graphics functionalities
NumPy Scientific computing Free the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python
OpenFOAM Computational fluid dynamics Free free, open source CFD software package by OpenCFD Ltd
R Scientific computing
Programming language
Free statistical computing and visualisation language.
SciPy Scientific computing Free open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering.
VMD Molecular dynamics
Free visualise and analyse large biomolecular systems


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