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A programming language.


These experts have registered specific competence on this subject:
Field AE FTE General activities
Adam Peplinski (PDC) PDC Computational fluid dynamics 100100 NEK5000 support
Anders Sjöström (LUNARC) LUNARC Technical acoustics
GPU computing
5050 Helps users with Matlab usage on clusters, Maintainer of the GPU resource Erik at LUNARC
Chandan Basu (NSC) NSC Computational science 100100 Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Joachim Hein (LUNARC) LUNARC 8585
Jonas Lindemann (LUNARC) LUNARC Grid computing
Desktop environments
2020 Coordinating SNIC Emerging Technologies
Leading the development of ARC Storage UI
Grid user documentation
Developer of ARC Job Submission Tool
Lunarc Box
Lunarc HPC Desktop
Lilit Axner (PDC) PDC Computational fluid dynamics 5050
Marcus Lundberg (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Performance tuning
Parallel programming
Computational science
100100 I help users with productivity, program performance, and parallelisation.
Pavlin Mitev (UPPMAX) UPPMAX Computational materials science 4545
Åke Sandgren (HPC2N) HPC2N Computational science 5050 SGUSI
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