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This page describes what type of content that should be placed in this wiki, and what should not.

The Zen of the wiki

User focus
The intended audience for this wiki is end users, so write your articles so that they will be useful for end users. Is your article not useful for end users? Don't add it.
Don't repeat yourself
Tired of answering the same question over and over again in support? Add it to the relevant page and point people here instead.
Keep the wiki as empty as possible
Yes. It really says "keep the wiki as empty as possible". See below.
Do not duplicate information
Duplicated information rots. Prefer to link to documentation maintained elsewhere rather than copy the text.
No internal stuff
Things that are only interesting to people inside our community should not be added here. There's a link for that stuff in the sidebar.
Put centre-specific stuff where it belongs
Is what you are writing only relevant to your centre? Add it to their webspace instead.
Push information as far up as you can.
On the other hand, can you rewrite it so that it fits all centres? Do so, and add it here so all can benefit from it.
Push information as far upstream as you can.
Even better, are you documenting open source software? Can you rewrite it so that it fits with existing documentation? Do so, and push it upstream so that all can benefit from it.