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The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe prepares the creation of a persistent pan-European HPC service, consisting several Tier-0 centres providing European researchers with access to capability computers and forming the top level of the European HPC ecosystem. It is a part of European FP7 (Framework Programme) project and consists of several IPs (Implementation Phases) which are individually scheduled for about 2 years periods.

  • PRACE1IP (2010-07-01 until 2012-07-01)
  • PRACE2IP (2011-0701/resp. 2011-09-01 until 2013-09-01)
  • PRACE 2IP Extension (2013-09-01 until 2014-08-31)
  • PRACE3IP (2012-07-01 until 2014-06-30)
  • PRACE4IP (2015-02-01 until 2017-04-30)