How to work effectively on Tetralith (Stockholm Dec 2018)

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Name How to work effectively on Tetralith (Stockholm Dec 2018)
Description How to work effectively on Tetralith
Type of event Course
Location Stockholm University
Start date 2018-12-05
End date 2018-12-05


SNIC’s latest HPC service Tetralith, hosted at NSC, has recently been opened for user service. When all components are available in January, Tetralith will be the most powerful HPC service available to SNIC users. The course will give an overview on the system, how to work with it and how to make efficient use of your allocation. The event will be useful for both beginners and more advanced users. It will also provide a forum for direct interactions with consultants from NSC. It is a repeat of the Linköping event on 28th Nov., with easier access to users in the Stockholm/Uppsala area.

During the day we will go through topics including:

- What is new compared with Triolith?

- Getting the most out of your core-hours, running jobs efficiently

- How to build your own software

- How to use available software

- Using jupyter notebooks

- How to organise your data

The seminar will present useful tools and best practices for working effectively on the new Tetralith HPC system

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration, please visit the event page.