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This site has documentation within these research areas:

Bioinformatics information handling in biology
Climate research application of computer science methods to study the Earth's climate
Computational chemistry application of computer science methods to solve chemical problems
Computational electromagnetics application of computer science methods to solve and model electromagnetic fields
Computational fluid dynamics using numerical methods to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows
Computational materials science applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering
Computational science using computers to analyze and solve scientific problems
Grid computing combines computers from multiple administrative domains
HPC training offering training and education to the SNIC communities in HPC related matters.
Molecular dynamics Newtonian motion simulation in systems with hundreds to millions of particles
Neuroinformatics organization of neuroscience data
Solid mechanics application of computer science methods to solve continuum solid mechanics problems
Structural biology structural and functional analysis of proteins and their biomolecular complexes

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