C3SE Debugging Seminar April 29 2015

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Name C3SE Debugging Seminar April 29 2015
Description Seminar for all users at C3SE, covering software debugging on C3SE systems.
Type of event Seminar
Location Göteborg
Start date 2015-04-29
End date 2015-04-29

Seminar overview

An introduction to debugging in general and some of the tools C3SE provides. We will also demonstrate debugging of parallel MPI programs using the Allinea/DDT parallel debugger.

For updates and to register, please see the C3SE web page.

Date and time

Wednesday April 29, 2015, 10:00-11:45.


Lecture room Pascal in the Mathematics building, on the Chalmers Johanneberg campus in Gothenburg.


The seminar is given by C3SE staff.