Awk workshop (UPPMAX, August 2018)

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Name Awk workshop (UPPMAX, August 2018)
Description Introduction to awk and sed
Type of event Course
Location Uppsala (UPPMAX)
Start date 2018-08-31
End date 2018-08-31

Seminar overview

In a more advanced continuation of the introductory Linux course, this workshop aims to promote the awk tool for use in every-day’s research work and urges you to find solutions yourself rather than expecting ready-made ones. Thus, the material given during the workshop will not be a complete guide or manual.

The purpose of the workshop is to give an overview of the capabilities of the awk language and to underline some of its particular strengths (disadvantages will be also addressed).

Some basic knowledge of Linux, bash and some simple tools like grep and sed is required.

Please, have a look at the seminar web page for a glimpse over the topics that will be discussed.

Course webpage with more detailed info about rooms and times, etc.