Requesting a grid certificate using the Digicert SSO Portal

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Due to brain damage at Google, you can no longer use Google Chrome/Chromium for getting a Digicert certificate. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer still works. We have reports that Microsoft Edge does not work.

Set a master password

When using Firefox, or any browser on Linux/Unix, it is highly recommended to use a Master Password to protect stored logins and passwords.

Instructions for Firefox:

Requesting a eScience (grid) certificate

  1. Start a suitable web browser (see Caveat above for details):
    1. Windows:
      1. Internet Explorer
      2. Firefox (does not use OS certificate store, obtained certificate is only available to Firefox)
    2. macOS:
      1. Safari
      2. Firefox (does not use OS Keychain, obtained certificate is only available to Firefox)
    3. Linux/Unix:
      1. Firefox (obtained certificate is only available to Firefox)
  2. Go to
  3. Type the first characters of your university (or similar) and then select the Identity Provider to use for login.
  4. Login at your home university.
  5. Select the Grid Premium product.
  6. Normally, leave the CSR field blank to get a key generated in your browser.
  7. Press "Request Certificate".
  8. Your certificate is generated and should be automatically imported into your browser.

Exporting the Digicert certificate

If you need to use the certificate with other programs it needs to be exported to a file and imported where appropriate.

See Exporting a client certificate for detailed instructions on how to export a Digicert certificate from the most popular browsers.

Adding certificate to OS certificate store

Some operating systems have a built in keychain/keystore. If Firefox was used the certificate needs to be imported to keychain/keystore in order to be available for other programs.

Windows: FIXME: Investigate and update instructions accordingly.

Using the certificate with grid tools

To use the Digicert certificates with the ARC grid client they have to be exported from the browser into a file and then converted into a suitable format.

See Preparing a client certificate for detailed instructions on how to prepare an exported certificate for use with grid tools.

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